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Although a month had passed since the slave was captured and training began, the pig slave had no idea how much time had passed. He had adapted to the daily ritual of being chained naked outside (rain AND shine as he discovered from a particularly violent weather system); daily floggings; ball stretching; nipple abuse; foreskin stretching; and other training procedures. Dog food was now his sustenance and he ravenously ate the gruel out of his dog dish. He found it difficult to remember his past and couldn’t even remember his name. His life consisted of serving his master, and he would grab at the bars of his cage excitedly when he heard the Daddy’s key in the dungeon door lock.

jizz-gay-cum-whore-2He was also providing quite a steady income for his Daddy. Almost daily sessions of hot loads in his ass and mouth; pissing and spit; and general all around abuse had toughened him. His rectum was now stretched to accommodate several hard cocks at once. For the past several weeks, the Daddy had soldered a 4-inch metal ball stretcher around his shaved testicles, from which customers would hang a weighted parachute during his group torture sessions. At last count, he could tolerate 20 pounds hanging without wincing or screaming (which was helped given the constant cocks and gags in his mouth).

When the Daddy would take days off from hosing the filth from the boy, the slave would lick the dried cum, piss, spit, and dirt from his body. He had become a true animal.

He lived to serve his Master.

He was particularly anxious when suddenly he was left alone in his cage for several days. Hungry and thirsty, he began to think he had been abandoned. His stretched balls held loads and loads of cum since his cock cage prevented him from masturbating and the Daddy had forbidden him from doing so anyways. When he heard the now long-absent sound of the key in the lock, he knew that his master had returned.

But, he could hardly believe his eyes when the light was switched on.

The Daddy stood there with a new slave. The boy was about the same age as he; he was dressed in a t-shirt, jeans and flip flops. His hands were handcuffed behind him and he relentlessly fought the hold his new Daddy had on him.

“Fuck you. Let me go,” he yelled as the Daddy pushed him down onto the dirty floor. The Daddy picked him up violently and led him over to the hanging chain which he padlocked to his cuffed wrists.

The Daddy walked over to his now-broken slave dirty and confused in his cage.

“Boy, we need to shave your head again. Suck my cock and I’ll give you some water.”

The slave eagerly took the Daddy’s large penis. The Daddy poured water over his cock and the slave drank enthusiastically as he drank the nourishing liquid.

“I brought you a friend for my stable.” He looked over at the now straining new slave. “Take a look at what you will become.”

The Daddy then initiated the new slave to his new life. His clothes were cut off and the Daddy began to torture his cock, balls and nipples. The new slave had an impressive uncut cock and was quite thin. He was much taller than the older slave and fought more vigilantly than the old slave had done. The new slave looked at the old slave with disgust.

“Fuck you. Fuck you. Let me go.”

“Welcome to your new home, slut. Get used to being naked. You will be this way the rest of your life. You are here to serve me and only me or you will be punished. You will address me only when asked, and eventually you won’t talk at all. You will always use ‘Sir’ when talking to me. Or, you will be punished.”

The new slave spit on the Daddy. The Daddy then tightly grabbed the boy’s exposed cock and balls and pulled them towards the floor. The old slave could see the Daddy’s veins pop in his biceps as he turned red from the energy he was exerting. The new slave’s complaints turned to animal-like screams. He had no idea what was to come.

The new slave was feeling his love for his master jeopardized. He was jealous. He was broken. And, he needed the pain and pleasure of time with his Daddy. This new slave altered his now-familiar world.

The Daddy walked back over to his old and loyal slave.

“Don’t worry, boy. You are no longer the beta slave. You have a new brother. You will both be ready for your debut at Dore Alley in six weeks.”

The Daddy then unlocked the cage and helped his cramped and dirty slave out of the confined quarters. He led him to his new acquisition and unlocked the old slaves cock cage. He unchained the new slave from the hanging chain and ordered him to his knees.

“Suck this slave’s cock, now!”

The new slave hesitated but affirmed his new commander.

“Yes, sir.”

The new boy expertly began sucking the old slave’s cock – now full of smegma, dirt, cum, piss and other residue from weeks of abuse. It didn’t take long for the old slave to produce an explosive cum.

Things were getting interesting!


5900_Nick_Chad_BG_018The Daddy started his day and entered the dungeon to awaken his slave. The Daddy was adorned in his usual knee-high boots, a harness and his daddy hat – save a cock ring, he wore nothing else. He was ready to have some fun with his captured boy.

Walking to the cage, the Daddy shoved his erect cock into the cage and released his morning piss all over the slave’s face. The boy began to wake up and gasped as a strong stream of urine drew him from his painful sleep. He opened his mouth to capture the rancid fluid – he hadn’t had any water since the previous day.

“Get up, boy,” the Daddy ordered as he shook off his dripping cock.

“Sir, water please, sir?” The slave’s voice was hoarse and unrecognizable.

The Daddy walked to the sink that sat at one end of the dungeon. He filled a nearby water bottle and walked back to the slave.

“Suck my cock, slave, and I will give you water.”

The slave adjusted himself into a contorted position, arms still tied behind his back, and put his mouth up to the head of the Daddy’s aroused cock. He took the cock almost completely as the Daddy began pouring water over the base of his cock and the slave’s sucking lips. The slave took in as much of the water as he could with a thick and erect cock in his mouth. When the bottle was empty, the slave slowed his sucking.

“Boy, I didn’t tell you to stop. Keep sucking that cock.”

The slave upped his efforts, his septum ring tickling the top of the Daddy’s cock. The Daddy moaned in pleasure as the deep-throated slave continued sucking his cock. The Daddy let out an animal groan when he shot his load into the slave’s mouth.

“Slave, that should help your thirst.”

The morning continued with the usual feeding of dogfood gruel, a hosing down in the backyard, caning, flogging and a 20-pount weight hung from the slave’s tortured balls and cock for an hour. In time, the CBT would result in stretched testicles on the slave but for now, they only swelled and reddened as they were pulled upwards of six to eight inches from their usual position. Even after only four days, the slave was beginning to manage the pain with focused breathing and thoughts. The one thought the slave avoided was the fact he hadn’t cum in days. His balls were swelling from the constant stretching and floggings, but the fact that he was not allowed to cum was compounding the effect. He had awakened in the middle of the previous night – his arms bound behind him – but tried to get off anyway. He found that when lying in the cage, he could rub his cock on the bars of the cage and achieve almost-instant arousal. However, he was so contorted and exhausted when trying, he didn’t last long – and hence, didn’t come. He didn’t want to think of the consequences if the Daddy found cum next to the cage anyways – he thought that one of these days, the Daddy would get him off and alleviate some of the pain from continued bondage.

The slave learned to live for his several hours in the sun tied in the Daddy’s backyard. On this particular day, the Daddy had padlocked a long and heavy chain to the permanent metal slave collar. He padlocked the other end to the top of the wooden pole that the boy would be suspended from on a daily basis. The chain was long enough for him to sit in the mud and rest. The warmth of the sun gave him energy and hope that this ordeal might soon be over. He looked for ways to escape from the backyard since the Daddy had started leaving him there for hours on end. Since the Daddy had ripped up and discarded his clothing and incinerated his wallet, he didn’t know who would help him if he did escape – he was naked, pierced, tattooed, shaved hairless and marked with welts from continued canings and floggings, not to mention constantly covered with dirt, cum and piss. He would most likely be arrested. At least, he wouldn’t be a sex slave – his fate for the unforeseeable future. Yet, something made him feel protected and taken care of – and he didn’t always hate the pain.

The Daddy returned to the backyard and unhooked the chain from the top of the pole. He had cockcaged the slave before locking him in the backyard but doublechecked the heavy lock that encased the cage around the boys genitals. The short leg chain was still attached but he had left the boy’s hands and arms unbound while in the yard this day.

Using the chain as a leash, he pulled the slave back towards the house. But, instead of returning him for the usual torture session in the dungeon, the Daddy led the slave to another room upstairs in the house. In what used to be a large bedroom or other room, about a dozen men – most naked – were hanging out and stroking their cocks. Several of them sucked each other off. In the middle of the room was a saw horse type device with restraints. A tall pole with a hook at its top was standing nearby. The room smelled like the bathhouses the slave used to know so well. Several of the men were doing poppers and smoking pot – the party had been going on for some time.

The daddy led the slave to the middle of the room and told him to stand with his hands behind his back. He produced a full leather mask and put it on over the slave’s shaved head. Next, he placed a large mouth stretcher in the slave’s mouth which prevented him from closing it.

“Gentlemen, I know share with you my new slave. I hope you enjoy him. He is here for your pleasure and all his holes are available to you. I want to see cum dripping from his slave mouth and asshole. Use him however you see fit and thank you for your business.”

The slave was placed chest first onto the sawhorse. The pain of the padded spine of the device on the slave’s newly tattooed chest was unbearable and he whimpered through his gag. The Daddy attached the chain from the slave’s collar to the top of the pole. He then retied the slaves arms behind his back and attached each leg and ankle to the back legs of the fuck horse. He was, in effect, immobile and ready to be used and abused.

The first man approached the slave’s ass and began fingering him. Without lube and abruptly, he began fucking the slave’s ass. At the same time, another man began pissing in the slave’s mouth and all over the boy’s face. One after one, the men fucked him from behind and from the front. Loads of cum filled his holes, and cum was forming puddles on the floor below both of the slave’s holes. Once in a while, one of the men would piss in the slave’s mouth or elsewhere on his body. Others were masturbating and cumming all over his back, arms and legs. The twenty or so men were so busy, the slave didn’t notice when the Daddy tied a heavy ball weight to his sagging balls.

After several hours, the slave had left all reality behind. He was in a world he had never experienced. Dripping with cum, piss, spit and sweat, he could only moan and grunt – or mostly breathe in and take it. The men fucked him unconscious and at some point the Daddy released him from his bounds and the fuck horse.

“I want you to lick up all the cum and piss on the floor. When you are done, I will return you to your cage.”

The slave did as he was told. As he cleaned the floor, two of the men stuck their filthy bare feet up the boy’s face and forced him to lick them clean.

Finally, the Daddy led the filthy and abused slave back to the dungeon where he lay bound and contorted once again in his cage. The Daddy hadn’t even bothered to hose him down. He tried to ask for water but words would not come out.

The Daddy pissed on him one more time before turning out the light and slamming the door closed.

009a254a94209The slave sat in the dildo chair, the rubber cock in his ass for almost an hour. While his butthole was getting a full stretching, the Daddy had started to tattoo distinct letters across his chest: PIG SLAVE. The slave, now gagged by the Daddy, was sweating as the Daddy worked on the tattoo. Looking at the slave restrained in the dildo chair, there was very little resemblance to Kent, his former being.  No hair was left on the slave’s body; the Daddy had even removed the slave’s eyebrows. A heavy nose ring hung from the slave’s septum, balanced out by two nipple rings now soldered closed by the Daddy; his cock hard and dripping precum. He was getting fucked by his slave chair. His cock and balls dripping with urine the Daddy had conveniently released on him earlier. And now, the Daddy was in the process of permanently branding him as his pig slave. He wondered what would become of his life.

The daddy worked swiftly but with precision. The slave was trembling from the pain.

“Sit still, boy. You don’t want me to fuck this up –  believe me.”

After a time, the job was done. The daddy untied and unsecured his slave. After pulling his ass off the rubber cock, he began to bind the slaves arms behind his back. By having the slave cross his arms behind them and binding them together in that position, he could be easily bent over for Daddy’s fucking pleasure. When he was standing, the position forced him to thrust his quite painful chest forward, stretching the boy’s newly-pierced nipples. The daddy then chained his feet together, allowing him to take small steps but otherwise introducing an annoyance. He walked his slave to a large wooden table that contained arm and leg restraints, elbow grease and various large dildos and rubber cocks.

“Bend over and spread your legs, boy.”

“Yes, Sir!”

The slave bent forward at his waist but could not lean directly on the table due to the painful nipples and tattoo. The daddy unbuttoned his pants and pulled out his very hard 9″ daddy cock. Grabbing a handful of the elbow grease, he liberally greased his slave’s asshole, using no less than four fingers to cover the now-stretched hole. After grabbing the back of the slave’s metal collar, he began pumping the terrified slave harder and harder, moaning loud with pleasure as he shot his load into the boy’s asshole. Pulling his cock out, cum dripped from the slave’s rectum. The Daddy then pulled the slave up and dragged him back to his cage.

As the door slammed behind the incapacitated slave, he pulled himself forward to try to gain any comfort – nearly impossible due to his arms tied behind his back. And, the pain from cramps was just beginning.

“See you with my boys later. It’s time for your initiation.”

The slave couldn’t imagine what was going to happen to him next.

The slave didn’t know what time it was when he woke up – dirty, smelling like piss, cum and sweat, and hungry like a mother fucker. He was still in his cage and the dungeon was still dark. He wondered if anyone had noticed him missing yet – like it even mattered. He was just a dirty and hairless pig and had a feeling that he wouldn’t see his friends or family for a long time.

After what could have been an hour, he heard the Daddy’s keys unlocking the thick steel door of his world. The Daddy turned on the single light bulb and the slave could hear his heavy boots on the cement floor.

“Time for breakfast, pig boy!”

The Daddy placed a dog bowl of gruel just in front of the cage. He unlocked the door and ordered the boy to crawl out on all fours. The slave was ravenous and crawled towards the bowl. He ate ravenously. When the boy had eaten the combination of dog food and egg, the Daddy poured some water into the bowl – the thirsty slave lapped up the water which was now swimming with the remnants of the dog food mixture. As the boy was rehydrating, the Daddy grabbed his cock cage and produced a small key to unlock it. As it came off, the Daddy grabbed the slave’s balls and pulled down.

“Boy, I want your cock hard now!”

“Yes, sir.”

The slave began masturbating his cock and it didn’t take long for the boy’s glans to rise out of the foreskin into a full-blown 8″ erection.

“Stand up, boy!”

The slave stood up and knew, by now, that his hands belonged behind his back.

“Let’s take you and clean you up, you dirty little pig.”

The Daddy hooked a leash to the boy’s metal collar and led him towards the dungeon door. He wondered where he could be going – the Daddy’s bathroom? As they walked up a set of stairs, the Daddy led the slave out a door to a backyard. The slave squinted from the bright sunlight. The backyard was essentially a former dog yard with 8′ cyclone fencing around it. He seemed to be in the country somewhere – but had no idea. There were no nearby houses, and the redwood trees towards the end of the home’s clearing indicated somewhere north of San Francisco. The slave held his head down as he was led into the yard. He saw for the first time how dirty he was – there was caked piss and cum all over his chest and stomach and his legs and feet were black with dirt.

The Daddy pulled the boy’s arms above his head and fastened his wrists to two metal shackles hanging from a very tall pole. The boy stood on his tiptoes as the warmth of the sun penetrated his naked body and bald head.

The Daddy walked across the yard and returned with a garden house. He wasted no time in spraying his slave down. The water was ice cold and the warmth of the sun was already unnoticeable.

“No need to waste hot water on a slave.”

“YES SIR!” the slave yelled. He was drinking some of the water running down his face.

The Daddy sprayed water on his slave for five minutes or so. He left him hanging from the pole as he returned inside. The slave’s cock was growing hard again as the sun dried him out. Was he really turned on by this abuse?

The Daddy returned about 20 minutes later with what appeared to be a mask of some sort and a large flogger. He placed the mask over the slave’s face as his eyes returned to a state of darkness. It wasn’t a minute later that the flogger struck his back with extreme force. He attempted to scream but the cock gag built into the mask muffled any sounds. Instead, an unrecognizable sound penetrated the confining mask as the Daddy continued to flog his back. The slave precariously balanced on his tip toes – now digging deeper into the yard’s new mud. The slave found that by focusing on his breathing, he was minimizing his moans. That is until the first lash on the slave’s hard cock.

The pain made the slave move his ass backwards in an automatic reflex away from the lashings.

“Hold still, boy, or I’ll flog that cock right off you!”

The Daddy was relentless, striking the slave’s raw and worked nipples. He then returned blows to the backside.

The slave lost count at about 30 lashings. They seemed to go on forever. Then the Daddy stopped.

The Daddy unhooked the slave’s wrists and he immediately fell into the mud on the ground. The Daddy grabbed the hose and restarted his spray wash of the young slave. The cold water was a saving grace on the slave’s marked back, chest, legs and cock.

The Daddy now led the boy (by leash) back into the house. Because the mask blinded his vision, the boy made his way down the stairs by very carefully touching the edge of each stair with his wet bare feet, the Daddy holding his arms to prevent his falling forward. The Daddy now removed the mask and led his slave to a large wooden chair with a large rubber cock pointing up from its seat. It’s back was covered with straps and the slave noticed a spool of rope on a table, along with some medical-looking devices and various metal rings – including two very large nipple rings.

The Daddy placed his slave on the 10″ dildo, pushing his shoulders down as the boy instinctively tried to expel the obtrusive device. Fortunately, the Daddy had squirted some lube on it. It helped him to slowly slide onto the cock. The Daddy fastened various straps around the boy’s torso, arms and legs, attaching him to the chair. He reinforced the slave’s confined position with the rope, attaching the slave’s ankles to each of the front chair legs and the slave’s arms behind the back of the chair.

“Time to brand you my boy, pig slave!”

The Daddy picked up two severe looking clamps. This wouldn’t be good.

The Daddy grabbed the boys right nipple and quickly attached the clamp just behind the edge of the slave’s small nipple. The slave knew what was coming next. With a single motion, the Daddy used a piercing device to shoot the first nipple ring through the soft skin. The slave screamed in agony as the ring protruded the sensitive flesh. He squirmed on the rubber cock protruding into his ass, pushing himself into it even more, forcing the cock head into his prostate. The intense pleasurable feeling in the slave’s rectum countered the agony of the large ring now inhabiting his pink nipple. And, in a moment, it was over. The Daddy moved to the other nipple and repeated the piercing, and the pain returned, and before a minute had passed, the slave’s nipples were pierced with 1-inch rings.

But the Daddy was not finished. Grabbing a larger, single ring, the Daddy held it up to the boy’s septum – the cartilage between both nostrils. The pain had subsided from the slave’s nipples, but now the boy did not know what to expect.The Daddy quickly found the spot that would hold this heavy ring and pierced it immediately. Before he knew it, the slave was the proud owner of a large nose ring that dangled to just above his upper lip. He could feel the tears streaming down his face.

“Now, time to brand you properly, pig,” the Daddy promised.

The tattoo device hinted at what was to come.

luke2With the Daddy gone, the slave hung helpless – his arms stretched upwards behind him, reigniting the pain from his shoulder cramps. The pain from his stretched balls and arched back made him sweat profusely. The sweat was mixing with the piss residue and the slave’s dirty body to create a stench that made him smell like an animal. While his balls were now a deep purple and stretched into an unrecognizable sack, his cock was rock hard and dripping pre-cum. Clearly, the pain was not all unenjoyable. The slave wondered when his roommates would begin missing him; being the whore he was, he often disappeared for days on end while partying, doing Tina and fucking like there was no tomorrow. But, that had been by choice. Now, he was a sex slave. How long the Daddy would hold him was unknown, but he expected this was the beginning of a long-term enslavement.

Before long, the Daddy returned.

“Look at you – you’re a fucking pig slave.”

“Yes, sir,” the boy replied in a quivering voice.

The Daddy moved a chair directly in front of his slave. Standing on it, he whipped out his huge cock and began pissing in the slave’s face. The warm urine ran into the gag and the boy’s mouth, and he gagged with displeasure. But, being as thirsty as he was, he drank as much of the pungnant fluid as he could. When the Daddy finished, he dismounted from the chair and unlocked the slave’s arms from the hanging chain. He led the boy across the room, unlocked the handcuffs, removed the gag and other gear, and placed the slave’s head and arms in a medieval-looking stock. Bent at a 45-degree angle, the boy’s head and ass was exposed. The color was also returning to his purple testicles.

shaveThe daddy wheeled over a table with shaving cream, shears and and electric trimmer. Starting with the slave’s head, he began to shave off the boy’s now disgusting and matted hair. The slave could feel fresh hair hitting his rancid urine- and sweat-soaked head. Hair fell to the floor as the Daddy meticulously shaved away any individuality the slave’s once-luscious hair brought him. After the electric shaver, the Daddy applied shaving cream and delicately shaved away any remaining stubble.

Now it was time to shave the boy’s ass.

“Spread your legs – let’s clean up your ass. I’m about ready to fuck you senseless.”

The Daddy applied more shaving cream around the slave’s sphincter and shaved away what little hair was there. He pulled the slave’s balls and shaved the long hairs that had grown on them. He finished with a clean up of the slave’s taint. Just when the slave thought the Daddy had finished his job, he felt an unbearable sting and pain as the Daddy rinsed the area with rubbing alcohol. He screamed loudly as the alcohol washed away the remaining hairs.

The Daddy then stripped down to his harness and boots, his large cock swelling with anticipation of what was coming next. With the slave quivering from the shave and stocks, the Daddy began fucking the helpless slave bareback. The fucking went on for what seemed like an hour. Whilst fucking the boy, the Daddy seemed to enjoy twisting the slave’s raw nipples into painful nubs. All of a sudden, the Daddy pulled out and walked to the boy’s face. That was when his cock exploded, sending loads of cum into the slave’s face, stinging his eyes in the process. He then stuck his relieved cock into the boys mouth, touching the back of his throat with his 9-inch pecker. The boy gagged and coughed up what was left of the cum. The Daddy finished off the session with a long piss down the boys throat. The slave drank all he could.

Leaving the slave in the stocks, the Daddy left and returned about 10 minutes later with a bowl of dog food. After placing it on the floor, he released the slave from the stocks.

“Get on your hands and knees, boy. Time for breakfast.”

Because the pain of these sessions had distracted the slave from acknowledgement of his own hunger (he had last eaten 24 hours earlier), the slave hadn’t realized how hungry he was. He ate every morsel of the rancid dog food. The Daddy then handcuffed his hands behind his back and ordered the slave the slither on the dirty dungeon floor back to his cage.

“Hold on,” the Daddy ordered, taking a moment to place a thick metal collar around the boy’s neck. Locking it in place with a heavy-duty padlock, the Daddy went back to his wall and selected a small cock cage. The slave, who was hard as granite from the Viagra, whimpered as the Daddy placed the constrictive device on the slave’s cock and balls. The slave’s large cock was trying to burst through the slits in the cage only to go nowhere. The pain was severe.

“Time for you cage, you smelly pig. Get in there!”

The exhausted slave withered into the cage and could almost lie down. While he had to bend his knees, a metal floor had never been more comfortable. Within minutes, the filthy sex slave drifted off to a much-deserved sleep. He was so exhausted, he pissed all over the floor of the cage and lay in the urine as he began snoring.

The slave tried to sleep and was only sporadically able to doze off. The contorted position his torso had taken because of the metal collar and wristlets prevented any movement; nor, was the slave able to rest his head on anything to sleep. At some point – which might have been an hour or six – he heard the clanging of a key and the dungeon door opened. The Daddy turned on the single light bulb as the slave squinted from adaptation to the prolonged darkness.

The Daddy’s boot steps were all that the slave could hear.

“Wake up, slave!”

“Yes sir” the slave responded in an almost whisper.


“YES SIR!!!”

The Daddy opened the small cage door and ordered the slave to maneuver his way out. The slave’s nether regions were burning a bit from the shaving from the previous day. His uncut cock was shriveled due to the damp cold.

“Boy, first you must have an erection at all times!”

The slave slowly migrated to the cage door but one of the wristlets became wrangled on a sidebar. The Daddy reached in and finished pulling the slave out of his cramped quarters. The slave moaned in pain as the cramps he had developed from his wedged condition became more noticeable. The Daddy helped the slave stand up and moved him to a bucket across the room.

“Piss, slave!”

The slave hadn’t urinated in nearly 18 hours. His bladder was in pain; it took little effort to start the flow of piss into the bucket. Because he couldn’t pull his foreskin back, the urine sprayed more than it streamed into the bucket.

When he was finished, the Daddy pulled a small pill out of his pocket. He grabbed a ladle that had been hanging on the wall and scooped up a cup of the boy’s piss.

“Take this. It will get that cock hard and then you’re all mine.”

The Daddy pushed the pill into the slave’s hesitant mouth. He then moved the ladle of piss to the slave’s mouth.

“Noooo. Please….Nooooo!” the slave mumbled.

“SHUT UP!” commanded the Daddy as he moved the ladle away and instead threw the still-warm piss into the slave’s face. While the slave yelped in shock, the Daddy scooped up another ladle full of the piss and put it to the boy’s mouth. The slave washed the pill down with his own piss.

The Daddy attached the chain linking the slave’s two ankle manacles by padlock to a large hook in the floor. He then unlocked and removed the collar and wristlets from the slave. The slave found he had difficulty moving his now totally-cramped arms and shoulders. The Daddy then rechained the slave’s wrists behind his back.

“You won’t be needin’ your hands today – that’s for sure.”

The Daddy picked up the remainder of the piss left in the bucket and dumped it over the slave’s head.

“You fucking little pig bottom!” The piss dripped down the boy’s chest and back. The slave’s nipples hardened from the now-cold urine.

The Daddy walked over to his wall of gear and selected two menacing looking clamps attached by a foot-long chain. He walked back to the slave and attached the first clamp to the slave’s right nipple and tightened the screw on the clamp. The pain was unbearable. The boy whimpered as the Daddy attached the other clamp to the left nipple and tightened. He then returned to the wall and selected a 4-inch iron ball with a clasp attached to it. The slave had some idea what the ball was for and he was correct – the Daddy attached it to the chain between his nipples and let go. The ball dropped quickly, pulling the slave’s nipples downward in an unnatural position. He screamed. Still sore from the nipple torture from the day before, this pain was unbearable.


The Daddy returned to the gear wall and selected a gruesome looking gag. That would keep the slave quiet.

He next tied a cord around the slave’s balls and attached the piss bucket. He returned to the wall and selected three large weights that he then inserted into the bucket. As he let go, the bucket dropped 3 or so inches pulling the slave’s tortured testicles downward. They quickly turned a deep purple. The viagra was also kicking in as the boy’s glans began emerging from his foreskin. The Daddy then attached the slave’s handcuffs to another chain hanging from the ceiling and pulled upward. The slave’s tears were running down his cheeks and drool descended from the mouth gag and began mixing with the damp urine all over the slave’s shaved torso.

“I’ve gotta run an errand. I’ll be back to feed you in an hour.”

The terrified slave could only wait for what might come next. He remembered that it involved shaving his head and asshole. Yikes!

gay-slave“You are now my sex slave, boy.”

Kent was groggy but the words were clear. The daddy had picked Kent up at a seedy bar in San Francisco located in SOMA — the city’s leather district. He had been pretty wasted when the daddy asked him to come home with him. The daddy had wasted no time tying Kent’s hands behind his back and binding his ankles. He then proceeded to cut or rip off all of Kent’s clothes.

“Hey – those are my Diesel jeans I just bought.”

The daddy just kept cutting. “Boy, you aren’t going to need clothes for  a really long time. Now, shut up and speak only when I allow you to speak.”

“You can’t be serious?” Kent asked.

“Shut up or I’ll cut your cock off!”

The boy knew he was in a helpless situation. The daddy played with the boy’s now hard cock but looked uninterested. There were more things he had to do. He rolled the boy over onto his stomach.

“Let’s get a look at your ass.”

The daddy began probing the boy’s young bubble ass with several of his fingers. The boy’s cock just got harder as the daddy’s fingers went deeper. Before long, the boy could feel at least three fingers penetrating his asshole.

“Oh, yea. This is going to be my ass.  Yea, boy.”

“Get me outta here.” The boy was trembling.

“You ain’t going to go anywhere for a very long time. Now, shut your mouth.”

The daddy wandered over to a wall of chains, probes, ropes, flogs and whips. He pulled a gag with a built-in cock from the wall.

“This should do the trick.”

The daddy pushed the 4-inch rubber cock into the boy’s mouth and then fastened the leather strap around the boy’s head. A perfect fit. The daddy could only hear muffled moans from the young slave.

The daddy untied the slave’s ankles and cut off what was left of the jeans that had been hidden under the thick ropes. He then walked the naked slave over to a large cross and un-handcuffed him. In one swift motion, he reconnected the slave’s arms upward to both sides of the heavy cross. The boy’s toes barely touched the dungeon’s floor. The slave was shaking and tears rolled down his cheeks. All he could do is grunt and moan into the huge gag.

“Boy, we gonna clean you up. But first, let’s see what you’re made of.”

The daddy wrapped his leather-gloved hand around the boy’s right nipple and pulled outward. He rubbed the nipple around in his fingers and squeezed hard. The slave was letting out a muffled scream that no one would ever hear. The daddy repeated the action with the slave’s other virgin nipple. With his fingers torturing the slave’s left nipple, the daddy moved his other hand to the large uncut cock that had now softened from its rigid state five minutes before. He muttered “That’s it, boy” as he grasped the glans of the cock and pulled the foreskin downwards.  The slave’s eyes were wide open and expressed more pain than a scream would ever do. The daddy just pulled the foreskin even more. He reached for a 5-lb weight and clipped it to the end of the slave’s foreskin. The weight made the skin sag down at least two inches – you could actually see the boy’s cock getting harder and filling in the empty sack of foreskin.

The daddy returned to twisting and torturing the boy’s tender nips. Tears and drool dripped off the gag mask and collided with the daddy’s hand and therefore providing lubrication for the slave’s nipples. The slave was balancing precariously on his two big toes. Every time he moved, the cock weight swung and slammed into one knee or the other. The daddy continued to play with the unwilling slave – pulling, squeezing, pulling, squeezing. He removed the cock weight and began masturbating the poor young man. And then stopped. “You ain’t cumming for at least a month – you hear, boy? We need a reward for your training.”

The slave’s cock grew harder as the daddy slapped it with his gloved hand. Next thing he knew, the boy was being covered in shaving cream.

“Boy, hold still. I’m shaving you. Don’t want to slip and cut that hot cock.”

The daddy started with the armpits and shaved the slave’s chest, treasure trail and pubic hairs. While moving quickly, he clearly had shaved boys before. No cuts!

“I need to take you off this to shave your balls and asshole. Then, I need to shave your head. But we’ll do that later. I have to go out for a while.”

The daddy attached a metal collar with wrist extensions on either side to the slave’s neck. The device allowed the slave to stand with his elbows bent and his wrists connected to the device about 8 inches from each ear. He then locked it with a heavy padlock. He then secured both ankles with a chain that allowed the slave to walk (but not run).

“Boy, I’m putting you in the cage for awhile.”

The daddy moved the slave to a small cage where he was able to sit upright but only at an angle due to the neck and arm bindings. The door slammed shut and the daddy produced another padlock to keep the slave imprisoned. The daddy walked across the dark dungeon to the door. The slave heard the echoing slam of the door as the light went out.

It was going to be a long night.